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I’ve been heavily involved in the podcast space since 2013.  I’ve helped start the world’s largest conference for podcasters and the podcast industry, organized the first ever podcaster conference at sea, and even co-hosted two podcasts of my own.

I spent two years as the Business Manager at Midroll Media where I worked alongside the Chief Financial Officer, and sit in the front seat to all things financial. I worked on all aspects of the financial operations of the company and interface across all departments of the company, including sales, human resources, and production.

My Projects

Facts About Me

Graduated from the University of North texas

Became a CPA

Launched Podcast Movement

Joined Midroll Media

My Projects

Now Hear This podcast festival

Now Hear This podcast festival

Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement

Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise

Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise

Podcast New England

Podcast New England

Podcast Midwest

Podcast Midwest

Men Seeking Tomahawks

Men Seeking Tomahawks

Podcast San Diego

Podcast San Diego

Business Podcaster Summit

Business Podcaster Summit


Featured Articles & Interviews

Interviewed on Epic Live Events

January 24, 2018
I LOVE running live events, if you cannot tell…and I love talking about them. I got to do that with my friend…

Interviewed on Build Your Network podcast!

January 12, 2018
Something I’ve had to work hard at is networking, and learning how to not be so introverted. So I was excited to…

Interviewed on It’s All Journalism

November 30, 2017
When I was asked to contribute to a textbook on podcasting, I was pumped! And when it turned into an in-person interview…

Interviewed by Podcast Junkies!

July 5, 2017
I am an avid listener of Podcast Junkies…and finally was able to be a guest! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Interviewed for PodToPod Podcast!

May 8, 2017
I read Pod To Pod newsletter every week, so was excited to be asked on as a guest for their podcast! CLICK…

I talk about my worst interview EVER!

February 17, 2017
Most interviews are awesome…I love doing them! But if you want to hear some horror stories….this one is for you! CLICK HERE…

Interviewed on the Meetings Podcast

August 28, 2016
It’s always fun to be a guest on a show that you’ve listened to for so long. This is one of those…

Interviewed on the Podcast Digest!

April 24, 2016
I love to talk podcasting….so loved doing it on the Podcast Digest! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Interviewed on Coaching Through Chaos

April 12, 2016
One of the most awesome members of the Podcast Movement community is Dr. Colleen Mullen, so I was honored when she asked…

Featured in RAIN News – Podcasting and Radio

August 13, 2015
I was once again pleasantly surprised that some folks from the terrestrial side of things wanted to chat with a podcasting guy.…

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